Simple bets, multiple bets and system bets

Simple bets, multiple bets and system bets

Let's repeat the basics:

  • A match is called an event.
    E.g. “Stoke-Chelsea”.
  • A pick (prediction, sign, leg) is the outcome of an event you want to bet on.
    E.g. “Stoke will win”.
  • You win the bet if the outcome of your pick is indeed the outcome of the event.
    E.g. “Stoke actually defeats Chelsea”.
  • The odds tell you how much money the bookmaker will pay you if your pick was correct.
    E.g. “Stoke wins: 6.00”.
  • The chances of winning the bet are calculated by dividing '1' by the odds.
    In this case: 1/6 = 16,6%.
  • Your (gross) winnings are the stake multiplied by the odds.
    In this case, with for example a 2 EURO stake:  2 EUR x 6 = 12 EUR.



A single bet (sometimes referred to as a straight bet) is a wager on the outcome of a single event. It is the simplest form of betting.


In this example you pick Stoke to win the match.
If a Stoke win is indeed the result of the match, your payout will be 12 EUR (2 EUR x 6).



A multi bet (also referred to as an accumulator) is a bet type where you combine at least two single bets to form one combined bet, with the odds multiplying as each new leg is added.
However, every prediction must be correct in order to win the combination bet.
If any selection in a combo bet loses, the entire combo bet will be considered a loss.

In this example we added our prediction that Hull-Swansea will end in a draw to our pick for Stoke to beat Chelsea.
This multi bet is winning if both selections are correct, giving you a (gross) return of 38,40 EUR (2 EUR x 6 x 3.20).



In a system bet your picks are combined into double combinations (pairs). In contrast to the multi bet you also win even if not all of your selections are correct.
In this example you have selected 3 picks :

  • Pick A: Stoke wins at home against Chelsea (1)
  • Pick B: Hull-Swansea ends in a draw (X)
  • Pick C: West Ham wins at home against Leicester (1)

With these 3 picks the possible double combinations (pairs) are:

  • A+B (Stoke wins AND Hull-Swansea ends in a draw)
  • A+C (Stoke wins AND West Ham wins)
  • B+C (Hull-Swansea ends in a draw AND West Ham wins)

Your winnings will depend on which tips are correct.