Betting Rules

Betting Rules

The Betting Rules are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions (Article 3.8) and outline a number of general rules that apply to all bets.



For the purposes of these Betting Rules, the Game Rules and the use of the Website, the following terms are defined as follows:

1.1  Offer
The Offer represents the list of Events and their Outcome with Odds published on the Website, which the Company proposes for Betting.

1.2  Dead-Heat Rule
Is valid when two or more Participants in an Event tie (ex aequo) and this was not provided in the betting Offer. In this case the Stake will be divided by the number of tied Participants and multiplied with the regular Odd from the ticket.

1.3  Participant
Team, athlete, who participates in a certain Event.

1.4  Cash Account
Each Player has a Cash Account on the Website, as a part of his Player Account, which includes the money he has deposited for participation in the Bets, and on which money and Winnings can be debited.

1.5  Event
The Event is every future uncertain competition (match, round, race, tournament, season, …) with a measurable outcome.

1.6  Favorite
Participant who, according to the Company, has a bigger chance to win.

1.7  Error
Any incorrect information relating to the Event, the Odds, the Participants,  the time and location of the Offer, the inability to check the accuracy of the Outcomes, typing errors in the Offer, or any other reason the Company judges that it influences the correctness of the Bet(s).

1.8  Handicap
Virtual advantage or disadvantage given to the Participant listed first in the Offer

1.9  Stake
Invested money, expressed in EUR, which the Player pays to predict the Outcome of the Event.

1.10  N

1.11  Net Winnings
The amount that the Player has earned through his participation in the Bets: Winnings minus Stake.  

1.12  Odd
Number which is multiplied with the Stake to calculate the potential total Winnings.

1.13  Official Information Sources
1) the official website of the organisator of the competition or league;
2) the official website of the host;
3) the official website of the Home team;
4) the official website of the Away team;
If different information occurs, the official information is the result which is the primary in quoted hierarchy. Live score internet sites are not official and relevant during the settling of the Events.

1.14  Void Betting
The situation when instead of the Odds on the ticket, Odd ‘1.00’ is calculated (e.g. postponed match, cancelled match, incorrect Event, Error).

1.15  Outsider
Participant who, according to the Company, has a smaller chance to win.

1.16  Regular Time
Duration of the match, plus any additional time (also called injury time), but excluding extra time (also called overtime) and penalty shootouts, unless otherwise stated by the Company.

1.17  Outcome
Result of the Event for which, according to the Law, the Company organizes Betting and determines Odds.

1.18  Refund
Returning the Stake to the Player, in case the Betting was not valid for any reason.

1.19  Home
Participant who is listed first in the Offer (marked ‘1’) – not necessarily the host of the Event.

1.20  Away
Participant who is listed second in the Offer (marked ‘2’) - not necessarily the guest of the Event.

1.21  Winnings
Total profit of a Player as a result of Betting, including the Stake.



2.1  Participation in Bets

2.1.1  Participation in Bets is done on the basis of the Company's Offer, which consists of Events, Bets and Odds. The Offer represents the full offer available on the Company's Website at any given time.

2.1.2  A Player can place a bet until the start of the first Event on the ticket, except when the Company indicates otherwise, as in In-play Betting.

2.1.3  The Player fills out the bet slip with the prediction of Events, on which he indicates all important elements needed for the participation in Betting. The Stake of the placed Bet(s) will be debited immediately from the Player Account. Once a ticket has been played, the Bet can not be cancelled.

2.1.4  Date and time of the start of an Event as indicated in the Offer are for notification only. The start of the Event is the time as indicated in the Official Information Sources.

2.1.5  All published Odds are subject to variation and become fixed at the time a bet is placed.

2.1.6  The Player has the responsibility to respect the rule about a minimum number of matches for every type of Betting, which will be posted in the Offer by the Company. In case of violation of this rule, and in case when the minimum amount of deposit per combination is not fulfilled, the ticket will be void and the Player will be refunded.

2.1.7  A number of Bets may be treated as being one when a client places multiple copies of the same Bet.

2.1.8  Where a Player gives ambiguous instructions the Company reserves the right to split the total staked between the potential Outcomes. Where this is impractical the Company reserves the right to void the bet. In either instance the decision of the Company is final.

2.2  Bet settlement

2.2.1  All winning Bets will be settled at the Odds shown on the Website at the time the Bet was accepted. This does not include Errors or any post-game disputes by either team that alters the final outcome of a game at a later point.

2.2.2  The Odds as shown at the time of confirmation on the ticket are valid for both the Player and the Company (unless in case of an Error).

2.2.3  If the Company is offering In-Play Odds on the match, the selection will be accepted at the current Odd quoted.

2.2.4  In case of an Error in published Odds, Betting will proceed at real Odds as applicable at the moment of Betting, or at the average value of the Odds according to the odds offered on the world market.

2.2.5  A number of circumstances may arise where a Bet is accepted, or a payment is made, by the Company in error. A non-exhaustive list of such circumstances is as follows:

  • if the Company publishes any Odds or terms of a Bet as a result of an Error or omission in inputting the information or setting up a market, or as a result of a computer malfunction
  • if the Company has made an Error. An Error occurs if:
    • in relation to Bets placed prior to an Event taking place, the Odds/terms offered are materially different from those available in the global market; or
    • in relation to any Event, the Odds/terms offered at the time the Bet is placed are clearly incorrect given the probability of the Event occurring.

2.2.6  Generally, all Errors can be divided into two categories:

  • Errors for which the ticket is void and Stakes are Refunded to the Player
  • Errors for which the betting remains valid but instead of Odds written, real Odds are calculated, adequate to the situation in the field at the moment of Betting, or the average value of Odds according to the Odds offer on the world market.

2.2.7  The Company guarantees the payout of Winnings during the Betting on Events.

2.2.8  Payout will be executed immediately after the announcement of official Outcomes, at the latest within 15 days from the day of the announcement of official Outcomes if there are disputable Outcomes.

2.2.9  The Official Outcome of the Event is the Outcome achieved on the sports court at the end of the Regular Time of the game and published in the Official Information Sources.

2.2.10  The result of the Event is valid regardless of the fact who is the host of the Event.

2.3  Limits

2.3.1  The Company reserves the right to impose limits: minimum Bet, maximum Bet, maximum Winnings and maximum Odds for Winnings per ticket.

2.3.2  The Company will announce the minimum and maximum amount of the Stakes and Winnings on the Website before each round of Betting.

2.3.3  The Company reserves the right to change any of these limitations, at any moment, for competitions and individual participants in Betting.

2.3.4  If a mix includes several Events with different limitations on maximum stake, then the amount of the maximum stake in this mix will be determined by the Event with the lowest limit.

2.3.5  The amount of the maximum Winnings for the Player per combination is set by the league, sport or competition or match limit.



3.1  Single Bets (Singles)

3.1.1  A ‘Single Bet’ is a Bet on only one Event.

3.2  Multiple Bets (Multi Bets)

3.2.1  A 'Multiple Bet' is a bet on two or more Events:

  • in a 'Multiple Bet’, different Bets are combined into one bet. A winning combination is the one in which there are no missed picks, under the conditions that it does not include Void Betting, in which case the Company has no obligation to pay the Winnings, merely to Refund the Stake.
  • in a 'System Bet’ different Bets are combined. Unlike the 'Multi Bet', there is also a Winnings possible if not all Outcomes are correctly predicted.

3.2.2  Multiple Bets are accepted, however no such Bet can be accepted where the Outcome of one Bet influences the Outcome of another (see ‘Related Bets’).

3.3  Pre-match Bets

3.3.1  All Bets selected with Pre-match Odds taken from the Company will be accepted up until the start time displayed in the Offer.

3.4  In-play Bets

3.4.1  An In-play Bet is a bet on an Event that is in progress. The Player can participate in In-play Betting according to the Offer of the Company.

3.4.2  The schedule for In-play Betting is susceptible to change due to changes in the broadcast schedule.

3.4.3  In-play Betting may be interrupted in the course of play due to any kind of failure by the Company to follow the broadcast or for any other technical reason.

3.4.4  All Bets which are accepted until the moment of interruption are valid

3.4.5  For In-play Betting, on all sports and Events at the moment of interruption, following rule applies:

  • All Bets will be settled as void on matches that are abandoned/postponed/rearranged to play, unless the match is rescheduled to play within the same calendar day of the original starting time.
  • All concluded Bets will be settled according to the Outcome that was achieved at the abandoned moment.

3.4.6  In case of an Error, all tickets will be settled with Odds offered in the global market at the time the Bet was placed.

3.5  Empty Bets

3.5.1  Empty Bet is a form of Betting where the Player comes up with an Event on which he wants to bet and suggests it to the Company.

3.5.2  The Player can offer a Bet which is not in Pre-match Offer if the Outcome of that Bet can be measured and if there is a clear source in which we can read the Outcome of such a Bet.

3.5.3  If the suggested Bet is related to some Event which is not in the Offer and has not started yet, but the game is defined, according to the Company’s rules such a Bet completely belongs to Pre-match Betting.

3.5.4  If the suggested Bet is related to some Event which started in the moment of placing the Bet, such a Bet belongs to In-play Betting.

3.5.5  Terms for Empty Bets are the same as the rules for Pre-match Betting and the Company has the right to interrupt Betting if there are some unpredictable circumstances that could not be avoided or removed and in which the Company could not have any effect under procedure defined by law.

3.5.6  In the event of an Error, the Company reserves the right to void these Bets or to block the payment until the dispute has been closed (including judicial).

3.6  Outright Bets

3.6.1  An Outright Bet (also called Antepost Bet, Place Bet or Position Bet) is a Bet on a long term Event.

3.6.2  Outright Bets are accepted all in, run or not, entered or not, which means that should a selection fails to take part in the Event, or has to leave the Event prematurely, the Bet is a losing, unless the rules for an individual sport specifically state otherwise.

3.6.3  Outright Bets on the same teams to win multiple Events will not be accepted. If taken in error these Bets will be settled at modified Odds.

3.6.4  Points deductions will count for all Outright Betting.

3.7  ‘Top Team Goalscorers’ Bets

3.7.1  Bets where a Player predicts which player of a team will score the most goals/points.  

3.7.2  For this type of Bets all goals/points scored during the Regular Time count. Goals/points scored during extra-time or penalty shootout do not count.

3.7.3  Dead-heat rules apply .

3.7.4  This kind of Betting is applicable to the entire Event, not just for the group stage.

3.8  Associated Bets

3.8.1  The series of the same or similar Bets placed on the Website by one or more Players where the Company suspects that they are associated to avoid the limits established by these Betting Rules and the Games Rules.

3.9  Related Betting

3.9.1  Betting where a selection from that Bet has an influence on the rest of the Bet.

3.8  Fulfilled Bets

3.8.1  This is considered to be a Bet where the result would not have changed if the game had been played to the end. (for example a 2-1 score at the moment of match interruption with a player to have wagered over 2.5 goals)


Article 4 - BONUS

4.1  The Company does not give any bonuses following article 5 of the Royal Decree of 25/10/2018.


Article 5 - VOID BETTING

5.1  The Company shall declare the Betting void in any other case when the Customer acts contrary to these Terms and Conditions, the Betting Rules, the Game Rules, and/or the Gambling Law, and in case of Errors of the Company.

5.2  The Company reserves the right to declare the Betting Void in certain circumstances.
Hereby a non-exhaustive overview of these circumstances:

5.2.1  If the Player places bets for the same match in one combination several times;

5.2.2  If a combination indicates the same Event several times;

5.2.3  If the same combination is repeated on several tickets. The same combination is considered as repeated if at least two Events on the ticket are not different;

5.2.4  If for a particular Event, the Outcome can not be found in the Official Information Sources;

5.2.5  If the Company suspects that there is cooperation between two or more Players;

5.2.6  If a Bet is placed on an Events which have already started or finished, except for In-play Betting;

5.2.7  In case of Associated Betting;

5.2.8  In case of Related Betting;

5.2.9  If the Company has reason to believe that a bet is placed after the Outcome of an Event is known, or after the selected Participant has gained a material advantage;

5.2.10  If matches are postponed/rearranged, unless the match is rescheduled to be played within the following calendar day (locally) of the original starting time and general fulfilled bets rule applies;

5.2.11  In case a Participant is removed from an Event or is liquidated. If this happens before the Event starts, all applicable Bets will be declared Void and a new Offer will be made.