About us

The goalkeeper who has to decide if he will go right or left when the ball is placed on the penalty spot. The snooker player who is wondering whether he will play safe or go for the shot in the decisive frame. The tennis star who sees her opponent coming to the net: will she try a lob or a passing shot? The bookmaker trying to determine what the winning chance is of one athlete versus the other. The Player who, on the basis of previous or no experience, insights and research, places his or her selections on the betting slip... In that moment we all share the same experience. There is no he, or you, or she. We are all part of the game.

Meridian understands like no other that we are all subject to the same rules and driven by the same emotions and expectations, regardless of the place of the event, the sports that we are crazy about, the competition that is currently underway or the exact type of wager we are deciding on. Just like the true Player knows that he or she is not placing that bet just for fun, or just to win, or just for the money, or the kick or for bragging rights. Because the true player knows: it's never just one thing.

This is exactly why, at Meridian, we do everything to make sure you do not miss out: alpine skiing, American football, athletics, Aussie rules, badminton, bandy, baseball, basketball, beach soccer, beach volleyball, biathlon, bowls, boxing , racing, cricket, cross country skiing, darts, eSports, soccer (80 min. and more), Formula 1, futsal, golf, handball, ice hockey, martial arts, netball, rowing, rally, rugby league and rugby union, chess, shooting, snooker, squash, surfing, tennis (on and off the table), cycling, volleyball, water polo, swimming,…

And we extend this line from pole to pole – yes, there's a reason we're called Meridian - to all possible sports (and other) competitions all over the world, from the ones that grab the headlines every day to the ones that are perhaps less known to the general public.

So if you want to bet on the fourth tier of Icelandic football (it’s called 4. Deild Karla by the way); the Norwegian bandy Premier League; the Hungarian water polo Super Cup for women; who will become the Democratic candidate in the US presidential elections of 2020; the Moroccan handball competition; the China table tennis Open U21, the Jordanian or Philippine basketball competition; the rounds handicap map 2 in that match from the eSports Championship Series; the Brazilian Paulista, Carioca or Mineiro volleyball leagues or who will be the next Australian National Netball League champion... we will bring you all of this in the same safe, expert and reliable manner as we do the UEFA Champions League, Roland Garros or the World Cup. The true Player knows what we mean.

Sports betting is an adult leisure pursuit and, at Meridianbet, we want our Players to enjoy betting and gaming with us. We are committed to providing our Players with an efficient, secure, fair and socially responsible service. We therefore have in place a number of measures that we believe both assist and reassure.

Meridianbet.be is operated by MyBestOdds BV, with registered office at 1000 Brussel, Drukpersstraat 4, registered in the Central databank of businesses registered in Belgium (KBO) with the number 0838.859.661 and with VAT number BE0838859661, also holder of the F1 Licence with number 126361 and the F1+ License with number 126361 - e-mail address: [email protected].