How to place an 'Empty Bet' when all conditions are fulfilled?

You can place an 'Empty bet' in 9 easy steps:


Step 1
Log in on the website and click on the 'Empty bet' button in the top right corner of your bet slip.

Step 2
A window will open in which you can create your bet.

Step 3
Enter the name of the event and the type of bet.

Step 4
Click 'Submit': your proposal will now appear on your bet slip.

Step 5
A ticket will appear on which you can enter the amount of your payment.
Now click 'Submit'.

Step 6
You will receive a message explaining the conditions for the bet.
Click 'Close'.

Step 7
On your ticket you will now see the odds for bet.
Confirm your ticket by clicking the 'Accept all changes'.

Step 8
A ticket will open with information on the bet, payment and value.
Accept odds changes and click 'OK'.

Step 9
You will receive a message that you have successfully placed an 'Empty bet' and that your ticket is accepted.