What is a Turbo Payout?

What is a Turbo Payout?


This promotion offers you the opportunity to rake in the profit of three correct picks from
your multi bet
regardless of the number of matches you still have on your ticket.

To qualify for Turbo Payout:

1. You have at least three winning picks on your ticket.
2. The remaining matches on your ticket have not begun yet.
3. You apply for the Turbo Payout.



If your Turbo Payout application meets all requirements, you will not be able to cancel the application after it has been submitted.
Once you accept Turbo Payout, your ticket will be a winning ticket, in accordance with the rules.
Finished events retain their existing odds, while the remaining (not started) events will result with odds '1.0'. No additional cost will be charged.

If the Turbo Payout process is complete, you will no longer be able to stop the transaction.
If you do not fulfill all requirements for Turbo Payout, the system will reject your request.
Turbo Payout is not possible for system bets.
Terms and Conditions apply.